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Writer's Block: Mystery meat

What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten? What made it so gross?


They are so nasty!!!!

It's All Good

So apparently we have a song. Or what he sees in his eyes as our song. "All Good" by Mo Thugs.

I think probably because it was the song he listened to like crazy before he went to Camp Blanding.

When he told me that, it honestly made me blush. I don't know why. I just felt like a giddy little school girl. Like I was back in middle school talking to my crush. I love that boy :)

So my nauseousness is still here. Definitely not going anywhere for a while...I think it might be a combination of acid reflux though. Not really sure because I've never had acid reflux before...I think this is it though. Kind of burns like bile in your throat when you throw up...But it's just stuck in my throat.

My Braxton Hicks are starting to hurt. Not even sure if there BH any more. Could they be real contractions?

I'm downing water like crazy. Forever thirsty.

Peeing like my bladder is non existent.

Damian was DIRECTLY on the nerve in my leg today. I couldn't even walk. I had to hobble my way to the couch and sit there, because I could do nothing else.

Sorry this post is so half assed. I promise next time I get on it will be a better one.


So here I am on a Sunday morning.
Enjoying my bowl of Pop's cereal.
My Itunes library on shuffle.
Journaling in my Live Journal.
Slightly nauseous.
Excruciating pelvic pain.
Diarrhea like woah.
Thinking about what today will hold.

My mom is in the bed sleeping.
My sister in the living room watching tv.
My neice on the laptop playing Dora the Explorer games.
No..wait now she's in here with her hula hoop.
No...she just left.
She's like Speedy Gonzales

This nauseousness is getting the best of me.
I'm gonna struggle to eat the rest of my Pop's
(Because they are too delicious to waste)
Then I am going to lay down.
Air mattress sounds like heaven right now.
I'll write later today.
Hopefully I feel better.
Sadly, Damian moving around is not helping in the least bit.

See ya Live Journalians!

Catch a fire, you're gonna get burned.

Ear candy like no other.
Everybody should own this CD.
It will blow your fucking mind up.

Rumbly in my Tummy

This is the second day I have taken my pre-natal pills, with strawberry applesause this morning, and I have to say, It's giving Damian a shit load of energy!
For the past week, Damian has been moving a lot less than usual, but I chalked it up to him not having enough space in my belly. Well, yesterday for the first time in weeks, I took my prenatal pill, and he was incredibly active, ALL DAY. I took it again today at around 8-9 something, and it feels like that sucker has YET to go down for a nap! If pre-natal pills make you baby do this then im going to start taking them more often!

Speaking of nap.

I'm about over due for one.
I'm way to emotional to write right now. I don't even want to begin reliving the emotions of today. I just want to lay down and forget everything.

I got 3 new books today from Chamblins.

So far the Sodom book is disturbingly disgusting. I guess that was why It was one the Top 10 Disturbing Books of all time list huh?

The Book List

The Torn Skirt - Rebbeca Godfrey
Carrie - Stephen King
'Night Mother - Marsha Norma
The Pilo Family Circus - Will Elliott
Liar - Justine Larbalestier
Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott
Blindness -Jose' Saramago
Requiem for A Dream - Hubert Selby Jr.
Naked Lunch - Williams Burroughs
The 120 Days of Sodom - Marquis De Sade
The Girl Next Door - Jack Ketchum

Right to Life - Jack Ketchum
Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
Nineteen Eighty Four - George Orwell

We need to talk about Kevin - Lionel Shriver
Perfume - Patrick Suskind
The Painted Bird - Jerry Kosinsk
Haunted - Chuck Palahniuk

Writer's Block: Mind reader

In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.

Love, Doubt, Fear

Birth Plan Revised

Courtney and George - Due Date August 11th, 2010.

Orange Park Medical Center

We would like a labor and delivery that is as free from medication and medical interventions as possible. We strongly prefer a vaginal delivery instead of a cesarean. Please discuss any suggested interventions or procedures with the parents, and obtain our verbal consent before initiating any such interventions or procedures. The parents will also accompany the newborn at all times.

First Stage Labor

  • Fetal Heart Rate monitored by intermittent monitoring or telemetry (portable), rather than continuous.
  • Vaginal exams only upon consent; as few and as gently a possible.
  • No augmentation of labor, such as pitocin, or the stripping of membranes unless the non-medical techniques for augmentation of labor are not effective.
  • Father and Mother are to be present at all times.
  • No form or mention of anesthesia unless requested.
  • Freedom to move/walk around during labor
  • Freedom to eat and drink during labor as needed
  • Please avoid use of urinary catheter unless anesthesia is used and consent given.
  • Freedom of labor progression with out time limits.
  • No fluids through an IV
Second Stage Labor
  • Choice of positions for pushing - no stirrups for birth please
  • Labor progression, free of time limits
  • Spontaneous bearing down
  • Would like to push instinctively.
  • We would prefer to tear rather than have an episiotomy – use of compresses, massage, coaching for slow birth of baby’s head and positioning other than lying down with stirrups to avoid need for episiotomy
  • If assistance of delivery is needed, please use suction rather than forceps.


After Birth

  • Baby is to breastfeed immediately; please delay all newborn procedures until baby has had the opportunity to breastfeed.
  • Natural delivery of placenta
  • No post-delivery pitocin or pulling on the cord please.
  • If stitching of perineum is necessary, please use local anesthetic.
  • Delay cord cutting, until it stops pulsing.
  • Father will cut the cord if he so chooses.
  • Newborn to stay with parents at all times.
  • All physical exams and procedures besides circumcision in room with mother and father.
  • Breastfeeding only: no bottles, pacifiers, artificial nipples, formula, sugar water, or plain water.
  • If lactation consultant is available, I would like their assistance.
  • Baby should be placed on my chest immediately for bonding.
  • I would prefer my newborn not to be bathed at the hospital
  • The parents are to hold the newborn, rather than have him placed under heat lamps.
  • Baby is to be fed on demand.
  • We would like 24 hour rooming with our baby.
  • I would like to be permitted to leave as soon as possible.
Labor Environment
  • I would prefer dim lights
  • Monitors at lowest allowed volume
  • I would like to have pictures taken before, during, and after Birth.
  • I would like to bring in my own source of music

In case of Cesarean

  • Father is to be present at all times.
  • Baby is given to Father as soon as possible.
  • Baby is to be breastfed in the recovery room

In the case of anything else we have not covered, please discuss with parents before acting.

Thank You, for assisting us in the delivery of our child.

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